Upcoming Events

Thu 3/25 – J. Stephens 6-8:30pm

Fri 3/26 – Maybe: Emily 6:30-9pm

Sat 3/27 – Clay Johnson 3-5pm and The Millwrites 6:30-9pm

Tue 3/30 – TRIVIA NIGHT at 7:15pm

Every Wednesday – Open Mic with Clay Johnson 6-8:30pm

Thu 4/1 – The 2 Daves (6-8:30pm)

Fri 4/2 – O’Shields and Inman (6:30-9pm)

Sat 4/3 – Geordon Tullis (3-5pm) and The Audibles (6:30-9pm)

Thu 4/8 – Bill and Tad’s Excellent Duo (6-8:30pm)

Fri 4/9 – Josh and the Gingerbeard (6:30-9pm)

Sat 4/10 – Karl Lauber (3-5pm) and The High Tides (6:30-9pm)

Thu 4/15 – The Dave Giles Trio (6-8:30pm)

Fri 4/16 – Zataban (6:30-9pm)

Sat 4/17 – Rock and Roo with Caston (3-5pm) Misdemeanor (5-7pm)
and The HAnG (7-9pm)

Tue 4/20 – Bill Crews and Ronald Radford (6-8:30pm)

Thu 4/22 – Alyce Drive

Fri 4/23 – The Acoustic Trio: Randy, Brandon and Fayssoux (6:30-9pm)

Sat 4/24 – Karen Clardy (3-5pm) and The David Edwards Band (6:30-9pm)

Thu 4/29 – Jef Chandler (6-8:30pm)

Fri 4/30 – Interstate Exiles (8-10pm)

Trivia Night is 4/27 at 7:15pm



Palmetto Conservation and RJ Rockers Brewing Company combined their passions for the Trail and craft beer to create “The Palmetto Trail Pale Ale.” RJ Rockers is donating a portion of sales to help “Finish the Trail.”

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The Palmetto Trail Pale Ale is a special blend of hops and malt that will quench one’s thirst after a Trail trek. The brew is available in cans*, on tap at your favorite beer pub, and in take-home growlers from craft beer retailers across South Carolina. The convenience of a can filled with quality, handcrafted ale is especially appealing to hikers, campers, mountain bikers, and others who prefer to leave glass bottles at home.


RJ Rockers Run Club is in partnership with Partners for Active Living. We donate $1 of every beer purchased during run club to support PAL. We are a proud beer sponsor of the annual Criterium Bike Race


We’ve been a proud sponsor of the RJ Rockers Golf Tournament benefitting the Charles Lea Center for over 20 years. This organization has a special place in our hearts.


We’ve been a proud sponsor of Cribb’s Burger Cook-off benefiting the Children Cancer Partners of the Carolinas since it’s inception. Every year we host live music on the doc and offer our cold handcrafted brews to folks supporting the cause.