One of the oldest breweries
in the Palmetto State.

RJ Rockers became Spartanburg’s Original Brewery in 1997. We helped revitalize downtown with our Original Brew Pub on Morgan Square and later moved where we live now in our solar-powered microbrewery. RJ Rockers anchors Downtown Spartanburg in what is affectionately and appropriately known as the Grain District. We’ve seen this town grow and with it the local craft beer scene. For over 22 years we’ve been offering handcrafted beer to people of the Upstate and all who visit Spartanburg.

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With live music every week, games on our flat screens, and a range of events and activities, we have something for everyone in the Tap Room. And with over 16,000 barrels of capacity, you can find our handcrafted brew throughout the Southeast on draft and in cans – and in our restaurant.

Our History

1997 Originally a brewpub, Rockers quickly became the soul of downtown nightlife and served as a catalyst for the revitalization of Morgan Square.

5 1/2 years and thousands of “SpartanBurgers”  later, Rockers ended Chapter 1 as a brewpub in November 2002 and began Chapter 2 with the transition to a production brewery.  Over the next six years, and with a lot of help from the Sons of the Fermentation, RJ Rockers flourished throughout South Carolina and could be found at favorite watering holes and fine stores everywhere…sort of.

After  maxing out capacity at our 1,200 barrel, windowless, cinder block, location, and suffering from a severe Vitamin D deficiency, Rockers made its triumphant return to Downtown Spartanburg in August 2009.

Opening of the RJ Rockers restaurant.

The brewery anchors the West End of Downtown Spartanburg, affectionately and appropriately known as the Grain District. We host tours by appointment (send note to and “Hoppy Hours” every Thursday, and with over 16,000 barrels of capacity, RJ Rockers beer can now be found throughout the Southeast on draft and in cans.


About Our Founder

Mark Johnsen spent 5 years on active military duty in Germany where he became enamored with how they made some of the best beer in the world. After returning state-side in 1995 he started seeing brewpubs and craft breweries taking hold in the Pacific Northwest. While riding a chairlift high atop a mountain in Pocatello, Idaho he had an epiphany:  Why not start his own brewery and have free beer for life?  And fifteen months later, the dream became a reality. 

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The Renaissance project with Arthur Cleveland had just been announced here in Spartanburg and having family in the area, Mark saw an opportunity to be a part of the revitalization of downtown. He was inspired by Wynkoop Brewery in Denver, Colorado and saw how their efforts had brought so much energy to a place that desperately needed it. RJ Rockers Brewing Company opened its doors in April 1997, on a mission to provide delicious, hand-crafted beer to the good people of the Upstate.

Our Team

Mark Johnsen


John Bauknight




We’re Eco-Friendly

The solar panels you see on top of the brewery help heat up 60% of the water we use in production! We’re sustaining delicious beer and our environment at the same time!

Ready to  eat?

Now that you’ve had a taste of our beer… hop on over to our restaurant for a bite to eat!