RJ Rockers Brewing Co.

Notes from our Head Brewer

It’s a great day to be in the beer business. And it’s great to have the newsletter back, with a bold, brand new look! I guess you could say we went into hibernation for the winter, but summer is here and we’re back on line. And with the arrival of summer comes the arrival of our summer beer lineup. Our leadoff hitter is Palisade Pils, a full-bodied German style pilsner moderately hopped with…Palisade (now you know where the name comes from). This is a very easy drinking beer that fits any occasion: golf, boating, fishing, MMA training, you name it. If you feel that a beer at 5.2% abv is a tad heavy for you, why not tone it down to something even lighter? Tart Blanche Sour Wheat Ale weighs in at a whopping 4.2%, but this beer is not about the bass; it’s all about the tartness. Honestly, I’m not a big sour beer guy, but this one works for me. Tart, but not overwhelmingly so. You can throw a couple of these down and you’re not gonna get puckered out…and you can still operate machinery too (everything in moderation, of course. Please drink responsibly). Both of these beers are available on draft and in cans. And if you’re looking for something south of the border for your 4th celebration, why not grab a growler of Papi Chulo Mexican Lager? Perfect with anything spicy, serve it with a lime.

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!