RJ Rockers Brewing Co.

March Newsletter

It’s a great day in the beer business.  And Christmas came really, really early this year when a big wooden crate arrived here last week.  I almost felt like Darren McGavin in “A Christmas Story” opening the crate to find out what I had won in the sweepstakes.  Alas, it was not a lamp with woman’s leg clad in a fishnet stocking.  IT WAS A CROWLER!!! Now you can bring home fresh RJ Rockers draft beer home in a can.  And they’re big cans, 32 ouncers, with a re-sealable cap.  Just ask your friendly beertender to fill ya up one.
Pet of the Month: Ares
Say hello to Ares, the proud pup of our head brewer Jeremy Smith.  Ares is a pure-bred Belgian Malinois and he is about to celebrate his first birthday.  His name in Greek means “God of War”, but I’d like to think that in Navajo it means “Dances on Tables”.   Normally if you mention a  Pet of the Month and table dancing in the same paragraph, you’re going down a rather sordid path.  Not the case here, however.  Ares is one of the more athletic dogs you’ll ever meet, and his vertical leap is probably bested only by a border collie (I had one jump over my shoulder once, and I was not sitting down).  When Ares arrives at the brewery, he immediately takes a quick lap around the facility in search of one of his favorite food items: ping pong balls.  You would think by now he would know where to look, but he keeps going to the wrong, yet blatantly obvious, spot where you would expect to find them, that being on top of the ping pong tables.  He jumps right up on them, does a 360 or two, and jumps off empty-handed, sort of speak.  But anyone who patronizes the brewery knows that the last place you’ll ever find a ping pong ball here is actually on a table.  They’re all under the brewing tank platform, kind of like most of the golf balls on a golf course are in a pond.  After leaping off of the tables, Ares eventually finds a ball or two near the edge of the platform and begins happily crunching away.  And man, that’s good eatin’.  Lots of fiber, too.  (Note:  if you or anyone you know needs a ping pong ball, just ask one of our friendly beertenders.  They’ll get you one…or hand you a squeegee so you can retrieve one from under the platform.)
Coming Soon – Witty Twister
Brewed with a pinch of coriander and a twist of orange peel, our spin on a Belgian wit is the perfect anytime ale. When served with a slice of citrus, it delivers a whirlwind of flavor and a crisp finish.
4.7% ABV | 15 IBU | 1.042 Original Gravity