RJ Rockers Brewing Co.

February Newsletter

It’s a great day to be in the beer business.  And it’s also great to resurrect the newsletter.  We took a little over a year off from this venture, mostly due to the passing of our mascot and ambassador, Stout.  I tried to replace “The Stout Report” with some other four-legged creatures that “worked” here, but trying to replace Stout was like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube.  Not too easy.  Anyway, we’re moving on and will feature some other furry friends that make the Rockers Taproom what it is: fun-loving and full of hair.  We will also be providing you with our music lineup, special events at the brewery, beers that we’re currently featuring and some new and exciting beverages we’re concocting.  So stay tuned.  We’ve got a lot going on here in 2020.
Cheers !!!
Pet of the Month: Maggie
Say Hello to Maggie, our former administrative assistant and house guest.  I would classify her as both a loaner and loner.  She lived in our home for almost six months while the kids were in the process of relocating to the Burg (loaner).  At work, her favorite activity was to hide under my desk, as if she was all by herself in a little cave (loner).  While actually at my desk, she would hide her head in between 2 filing cabinets (she would lose miserably in a game of hide and seek).  She’s either a Golden Doodle or a LabraDoodle, I can’t keep that straight.  She is adorable, very friendly and doesn’t shed.  She is, however, prone to ear infections and her breath at times smells like hot garbage, which nullifies her adorability almost instantly.  But, we love her anyway, and she is quite happy to be in her new residence in Converse Heights.  I’m sure you’ll see her from time to time in the Taproom, and you may even find her back in the office.  She’s the one who looks like her head is stuck in between 2 filing cabinets.
Good Boy Stout is our American-Style Stout.
7 malts give this stout a great roasted flavor.  Very smooth and balanced and is perfect as things cool off.   Available on draft year-around it is our seasonal feature for February
6.5% // 23 IBU  // kegs and cans
Also, Limited Edition Beers: Black Perle Dark IPA and Peachy King Imperial Peach Ale are currently available.